About OMS

The OMS line of hair care growth and maintenance products was developed by Wendi Tumolo, who combined her experience as a hair stylist and her love of all things natural to fill what she found to be a gap in the hair care industry.

“I was frustrated for so many years with the lack of a natural product that would actually heal and nourish my clients╩╝ hair. I created OMS with the thought of having a treatment oil that would nourish the scalp and hair, allowing it to repair and grow healthy and strong.”

With her strong background in Ayurvedic botanicals, Wendi developed a special blend of herbs that not only nourishes your hair and scalp, but it also helps regenerate dormant roots and follicles allowing the growth of new, healthy hair.

“OMS actually helps hair grow faster, healthier and stronger. The additional benefit of actual hair growth was not expected but is so exciting. Our customers have seen new hair growth in bald spots and along their hairline. They tell us OMS gives them the results they were looking for and they love that it is an all-natural product.”

Wendi and the staff at OMS are dedicated to researching and developing high-quality, herbal products to harness the power of nature to heal, protect and rejuvenate your hair.
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