Using only 100% natural ingredients, we pride ourselves in providing concentrated, Pure herbal infused luxury oils. With our exclusive Tribramla complex, our unique hair specific blends of herbs and botanicals work synergistically providing your hair and scalp with the nourishment necessary to grow hair full, healthy and strong. The herbs and botanicals are slowly infused with our omega rich, luxury oil base using very low heat in small batches which ensures our essences are kept totally viable and no nourishments are lost during creation. Our blends are kept at their highest quality and concentration. This is what separates OMS from other hair oils.



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Nourish and Grow Luxury Hair Oil (Growth simulating/nourishing treatment oil)



•Reverse hair loss-post pregnancy, chemo, thyroid issues, male pattern baldness, •medication, age, etc.
•Stimulates new growth
•Protects hair from damaging styling tools and uv rays
•Speeds hair growth by 50%
•Great pre-color/chemical protecting treatment
•Reduce breakage and repair damaged hair
•Hydrate and protect
•Ads fullness and shine
•Creates more manageable hair
•Reduces frizz
•Reduces and Mends split ends
•Regenerates hair roots

•OMS luxury hair oils contain a proprietary blend of hair specific herbs and botanicals including the exclusive Tribramla complex. Our ingredients are 100% natural herbs and botanicals infused in luxurious, antioxidant and vitamin rich hair specific oils. Our oils take 24 hours to create as we use traditional Ayurvedic kettles, which preserve the essence of the herbs leaving them highly concentrated and viable. OMS is 100% natural.

Proprietary blend of our exclusive, hair specific Tribramla complex, Amla, Brahmi, bhringeraj, Turmeric, neem, Rose, rosemary, hibiscus, peppermint, sage, chamomile in baseball oils of olives, coconut, sesame, grapeseed and almond. 100% natural fragrance of lemongrass lavender and mint.

•Instructions, as a pre-shampoo treatment applied to the scalp and Massage in distributing the oil throughout your head. Leave on for 10 minutes up to 24 hours before shampooing. Shampoo and condition here as usual. After washing your hair, Apply OMS only to the ends of towel dried hairas a protective, nourishing, conditioning & protective styling aid. Do not apply to the scalp before styling as hair may appear oily. OMS may also be worn all day under a hat or in a ponytail when applied to the scalp. The longer in your scalp the better

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