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Using only 100% natural ingredients, we pride ourselves in providing concentrated, pure herbal essences. With the exclusive Tribramla™ complex, our unique blends of herbs and botanicals work synergistically, giving your hair and scalp the nourishment it needs to grow fast, healthy, and strong. The herbs and botanicals are slowly infused with our omega rich oil base and hand-made in small batches which ensures our blends are of the highest quality and concentration.
OMS Nourish & Grow
OMS Nourish & Grow provides the hair with our proprietary blend of amazingly nourishing and protecting herbs and botanical agents along with our exclusive Tribramla complex. This unique blend is combined with an anti-oxidant/hydrating and nourishing oil base of coconut, almond, sesame, and olive oil. When used regularly as directed, the scalp and hair is provided with the nourishing vitamins, anti-oxidants, and hydration necessary to grow fast, healthy, full, and beautiful.
This hydrating and nourishing lash and brow growth stimulating/conditioning treatment contains our exclusive Tribramla complex and additional nourishing and growth-stimulating herbs and botanicals which allow the lashes and brows to thrive.
OMS Lash & Brow
OMS Hair, Skin & Nails
Add the benefits of our proprietary Tribramla™ complex as a dietary supplement to help nourish your hair from the inside out.
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OMS treatment oils nourish the hair from root to ends. Without proper nutrition, the scalp is dry and depleted, causing malnourished, unhealthy hair growth. With our pre-shampoo and leave-in protecting hair oils, your hair will thrive. This nourishment also feeds and replenishes the dormant roots and follicles which aids in their regeneration and allows them to produce new, healthy hair growth. Proper hair nutrition also lessens hair fall, helps with dandruff, and creates full, shiny hair.

Heals Damaged Hair

The powerhouse of herbal nutrition in OMS helps hydrate, smooth, and repair damaged hair.

Mend Split Ends

Applying our healing oil blends to the ends of hair before styling will seal and protect the hair. This aids in decreasing and mending dry, split ends.

Nourish From The Roots And Scalp

Our hydrating and nourishing treatment oils contain the exclusive Tribramla complex which feeds hungry hair follicles. This gives hair the necessary nutrition to grow fast, healthy, and strong.

Protects Hair

OMS is packed with botanicals and oils containing multi-antioxidants which protect the hair and scalp. Filling the hair with the nutrition of OMS allows hair to defend itself from the toxins of the environment. Also contains natural UV protectants.

Promotes New Healthy Hair Growth

Our proprietary blend of botanicals aids in regenerating dormant hair roots by nourishing, stimulating, unclogging, and reducing inflammation. Synergistically working together, our proprietary blends strongly aid in the regeneration of the roots, thus increasing the production of new hair growth.

Smooth And De-Frizz

OMS contains the necessary ingredients to hydrate the hair from within. This eliminates the absorbing of moisture in the atmosphere which creates frizz. Keeping hair hydrated from within allows hair to remain full, shiny, and without frizz.
OMS contains only 100% natural ingredients. With our exclusive Tribramla complex and proprietary blend of botanicals that work synergistically, OMS hair care products feed your hair with the necessary nutrition and hydration it needs to grow fast, healthy, and strong.

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