OMS is made with only 100% natural, chemical free ingredients that work synergistically to heal damaged hair, reduce hair loss, and grow new, full & healty hair. Our unique hair products bring your hair to its full, youthful potential!

Created by a cosmetologist, with over 30 years of experience in beauty, wellness & Ayurveda. She saw a need for a pure, natural product & OMS was born. Coined by many as a "bottle of miracles for your hair & scalp". OMS contains the perfect, synergistic blend of nourishment to grow full, youthful, beautifully healthy hair.

hair oil for dry damaged hair and growth

OMS is your answer for a chemical free hair loss, hair growth treatment.

At OMS, we harness the power of nature so your hair will thrive! You’ve found the chemical free answer to treat hair loss, increase full, healthy growth and bring your hair to its full potential, naturally.

Nourish•Heal•Grow your hair with pre shampoo OMS scalp treatments.

Leave on over night for faster results. Use OMS on your ends prior to styling for added hydration, protection & shine. Small amounts can be added to edges daily. (A little goes a long way, use sparingly).

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